Meet our awesome Participants behind Techstitution Product Development!

The project lifetime of Techstitution is 12 months and it is separated in two phases, and each phase has a goal to deliver a platform for Kosovo’s Institutions. The project will be developed via the course of 32 days of trainings AT the AUK - American University of Kosovo”.

Technologies used during the series of trainings:
- MongoDB: NoSQL Document Database
- Python: General Purpose, high-level programming language
- Flask: - Microframework for Python
- jQuery: JavaScript library that simplifies HTML Document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation and AJAX, across different web browsers.

Learning process:
It starts with defining the product that we are going to develop during the series of training. It follows up with brainstorming sessions in order to be able for the participants to propose different ideas that they have to the proposed digital solution.
The next steps are: setting up the environment, learning about dividing, estimating and delivering tasks, trainings and getting the skills needed from the mentors, developing their prototype, testing, delivering the product, and the final step deployment and handing on the final project to the institution we are currently working with.