Learn practical software engineering skills to bring new and exciting platforms to help Kosovo's Institutions go Digital.

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Digital platforms for Kosovo's Institutions

Today there are not a lot of smart technological solutions that help institutions become more efficient and people’s lives smarter. Institutions will be our main clients because there is such a huge need for improvement of their daily services that our Institutions offer.


Engage Community in Democratic Processes

Behind the development team will be the tech community itself. We believe that if we join forces together we can help bring change of many mechanical works, towards transforming them as digital processes.


Learn new Practical Software Skills

Learning coding empowers you to do many things you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. These things include hand-crafting your own websites, becoming an active citizen, networking and you’ll also be able to understand the technology shaping your world.

The best part about joining #Techstitution is that you will become part of the greatest local tech community.
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The idea behind #Techstitution:

Working together is where ideas take shape! #Techstitution is a knowledge-sharing mean and a direct contribution to create digital-based solutions. The project engages youth in democratic processes and learning of new software skills, in order to contribute to the formation of ‘smart institutions’ that deliver high-quality services to Kosovo citizens. The project is supported by the UNICEF Innovations Lab and the Austrian Development Agency. The first institutional partnership was established in November 2016 with the Regulatory Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications (RAEPC) and has resulted in digitization of the RAEPC’s services.

The project activities will include:

  • - Engaging youths in democratic processes
  • - Learning new software skills
  • - Digital production for Kosovo's Institutions
  • - Smart Institutions

The project is from Innovations Lab Kosovo & (ADA) Austrian Development Agency.

Our supporting partners A.U.K(Training and Development Institute) & IPKO Foundation.

We rise by lifting others, so let's make this challenge a life changing opportunity!
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Implementing partners:

Open Data Kosovo will contribute technical expertise in the field of software engineering as well as in digital product development management and quality assurance. Furthermore, it will use its experience in organizing and implement youth engagement digital capacity building workshops to design the planned workshops and ensure their proper execution.
Girls Coding Kosova will provide technical support as well as access to their network of young women in technology. In order promote a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving, selected GCK members will serve as tech ambassadors disseminating concepts of how citizens involved in different sectors can benefit from and contribute to technology for social good.
First official institutional partnership for #Techstitution with the “RAEPC - Regulatory Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications”
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1. RAEPC - Regulatory Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications

First official institutional partnership for #Techstitution with the “RAEPC - Regulatory Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications" We have officially signed our agreement on 25 November 2016 between RAEPC and Open Data Kosovo. Very thankful for their immediate positive response and support towards a successful cooperation in digitizing their services.
Here is the succesfully delivered platform for ARKEP Authority:

Equip youth with ICT skills to create simple digital solutions to complex institutional challenges.
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